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Before you delve into my recipes, I wanted to provide an explanation of what my Sugludair free diet is.  The primary message of this site is to  put your health first which I believe will lead to possessing a true alluring quality for yourself.   I promote Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free (Sugludair free) living. Though this may not be a choice you are willing to make, I still hope you are on board with making healthy choices for your life, however you choose to define "healthy" or "alluring".

The foods chosen for my recipes are based on recommendations made by naturopath Ann Boroch, ND as outlined in her books The Candida Cure and Healing Multiple Sclerosis.  They have also been inspired by other pioneers of health and wellness with Multiple Sclerosis such as Dr. Roy L. Swank and Dr. George Jelinek. The diet may be considered by some as variations of an anti-inflammatory, Candida Control, or Swank diet. What I give credit to the most is the nourishing and clean Mediterranean diet, or to be more specific, the Greek cuisine that I grew up on. Growing up as an American born Greek, I didn’t appreciate my grandmother’s (my yiayia) cooking and healthy habits until I was much older when I was looking for ways to fight illness and heal. My yiayia, along with my mother and sister still act as mentors to me in this process. Though I have cut out several foods and ingredients used in traditional authentic Greek cooking, I manage to find healthier alternatives and strive to stay as true and faithful to the spirit of the creations my family shared with me over the years.

Why do I promote Sugludair Free?  Sugludair free gives you the opportunity to eliminate many processed foods and ingredients that could potentially be toxic to your body and allows you to make room for foods that are packed with the nutrients your body needs to function effectively.  Sugar, gluten, and dairy are considered allergens for many people and have been found to be the cause of inflammation which is the root of many illnesses.  People who commit to eliminating or reducing these toxins tend to not only feel better, but also have better success in managing their weight.

The things I make are not vegan.  They include chicken, turkey and seafood, they contain no soy and would not be characterized as raw or living foods.

The things I make are not Paleo.  There's no red meat and grains are included.

I cannot say that the things that I make are purely sugar free.  Sugar comes in many forms, has many meanings that is interpreted by different people in different ways.  It also comes in different disguises (such as evaporated cane juice, barley malt, brown rice syrup, and wine vinegar) which are in products that I will not buy.  And there are sweeteners that I use that some people will consider to be "sugar" such as stevia and vegetable glycerin.  Certain foods are metabolized into sugar by the consumption of processed ingredients such as brown rice flour which is included in my recipes. I also cannot say that my recipes are purely gluten free. Gluten free grains such as brown rice, millet and amaranth are used, but I also use gluten free oats where there’s some possibility of cross contamination.

And finally, I cannot say that my recipes are purely dairy free. They do not contain any milk, yogurt or cottage cheese, but certain types of butter are used. In addition, the recipes contain no pasteurized or cow’s milk cheese, but will include from time to time small amounts of raw goat cheese.

If you are affected by food sensitivities and allergies, I ask that you proceed with caution, use your best judgement, and feel free to speak with your health care practitioner regarding any concerns. If you have no known food sensitivities or health challenges and are just looking to find ways to eat healthy and lose weight, these recipes are guilt free, delicious and worth a try.

The purpose of sharing my recipes on this blog is to help people find simple ways to make delicious meals being as Sugludair free as much as possible based on my own personal experience. I am not a nutritionist, dietician or healthcare practitioner. I’m only someone who is passionate about food and aims to maintain a healthy culture and environment. I look at it as a lifestyle as opposed to a diet and I see it more as an opportunity than a restriction.  Without a doubt, giving up certatin foods may appear to be very discouraging, as it has been shared with me by many people, many times, but I hope to succeed in showing you that that exploring these types of healthy choices can be fun and interesting. To your health!

Zoe Angelia  

Disclaimer The information on this page is based on my own personal research and experience. It is not intended as medical advice.  Please review any dietary restrictions and eliminations with your physician.      



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