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Welcome to the movie department of Zoeangelia.com! You thought this was going to be another food blog didn’t you? Zoeangelia.com is a health and wellness web site with the intention to explore all angles  and factors that influence your health.

I believe that zoning out in front of a moving picture is therapeutic, even WebMD has an article about cinema therapy.  A good comedy will give you a good dose of laughter therapy. How many times have your heard the age old aphorism “laughter is the best medicine”? A quality tear-jerker can instigate a release that your body needs. Then there are the films that end and just leave a bad taste in your mouth. Some leave you asking, “what the heck was that?”. I will even condone those films because they leave you thinking and get the wheels turning in your head. Maybe the film put you in touch with something from your own life that you didn’t like. Maybe it scared you because you related to it so strongly. It may have been something that you have been trying to ignore and not face. Then of course, there are the movies that are brutal, bloody and bring an intent of evil into the storyline. I tend to stay away from those types of films because I will admit, I’m a scary cat. I cannot attempt to interpret any healing qualities for those types of stories, but if they are enjoyable to certain people, then they have the potential to be therapeutic as well.

The films I review on this site are not always new or upcoming releases. They are movies that I have seen in my lifetime that I found touching or intelligent. What they all have in common is their view on various health factors that I would like us to delve into.

Whether you laugh, cry, cringe, or scream at any of these film recommendations, I would love to hear your input.

Happy movie watching!



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