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Warm Cauliflower Salad

Warm Cauliflower Salad-photo by Zoe Angelia (c) 2014

Warm Cauliflower Salad-photo by Zoe Angelia (c) 2014


Winter is only days away here in the city of Philadelphia where we already turned back the clocks and the cold winds almost have taken the best of me. I was in denial for weeks that summer has ended, especially since I had one last recipe left in my Summer Vegetables of 2014 series and I have not had the opportunity to post it until now.

To welcome winter and face it head on, because as we know, it’s going to arrive whether we like it or not, what better way to do it than cook a warm tasty and very healthy dish!


My Warm Cauliflower Salad contains:

One head of cauliflower

Three celery stalks

One bell pepper

Any spice you would like to add (I keep mine simple with salt, pepper and garlic powder)

1-2 tbsps of extra virgin olive oil


It’s simple and very easy to make. I leave the complicated and multi-ingredient recipes for the long weekends in winter where it’s too cold to leave the house and there’s more time to spare.


Follow these steps:

1)    Turn oven on to 425 degrees

2)    Rinse bell pepper and place on baking sheet or baking pan.

3)    Place pepper in the oven and roast for 45 minutes to an hour. Do not remove pepper from oven until you see the pepper is blackened in some areas and becomes very soft.

4)    While pepper is roasting in the oven, chop the rinsed cauliflower and celery stalks to desired liking.

5)    Place celery and cauliflower in a sauce pan, add water but do not immerse the vegetables entirely in it. Add salt

6)    Allow water to come to a boil and lower heat. Simmer for three minutes, turn off heat but keep the saucepan on the stove covered.   Remove heat once vegetables get to their desired softness and strain in sieve.

7)    Once pepper is ready to be removed from the oven, place in paper bag and fold down to lock in the moisture.

8)    Remove pepper from paper bag once it is cool enough to touch. To cool pepper further, you may hold under running cold water.

9)    Peel the pepper’s skin gently. Cut pepper open. Warning: juice from the pepper will escape, may be hot. Remove seeds and trim the pith from the pepper.   You may rinse off under cold water to remove any excess seeds.

10)Cut pepper into long strips then either halve or quarter the strips depending on the size of the pepper.

11)Add the celery and cauliflower mixture back to the saucepan and mix with roasted peppers, salt, pepper and any other desired seasoning.

12)Top dish with olive oil while still warm and serve!



Warm cauliflower salad is a good replacement for the starchy and fatty potato salad and it can even be served cold, hence the oxymoron, but go ahead, break the rules if you’d like!


Why make Warm (or Cold) Cauliflower Salad other than it’s delicious? Here are some nutritional facts:

Celery has antioxidant properties and provides cardiovascular and digestive support.

Cauliflower has antioxidant; anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and digestive support properties.

Bell Peppers have antioxidant and potential anti-cancer benefits.

What does this all mean? You will look good and feel good!

For more information on these vegetables, I will share with you my latest discovery: http://www.whfoods.com to look up more information on how these vegetables contribute to the operation of our bodies.


Enjoy, and stay warm whether you eat this dish hot or cold.

To your health!

Zoe Angelia




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