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Zoe’s Definition of Health

When the word “health” is spoken, I imagine that the first thing that comes to mind for most people is how one is feeling.

Iit is mostly associated with a somatic disorder. We imagine an unhealthy person suffering from something as temporary as a sinus infection or something more terminal such as cancer. We may think of an unhealthy person as someone who smokes cigarettes, abuses drugs, or overindulges in fatty foods.

You better relax, some may say out of concern, this is not good for your health.

Sometimes “health” is alluded to when someone is experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, and sadness. In examining the emotional angle of health,  it is mostly associated with someone who appears depressed, high-strung, or constantly fearful.

We can pretty much concur that the fundamental idea of health is how one is feeling.

How does your body feel? Do you have constant headaches? Does your stomach hurt? Are you unhappy? Are you living in fear? We then begin to look around at what is affecting our health. We turn to our environment to see what is causing people to not feel so well.

The Elements of Health

Over the years, I have explored different facets of not only my overall health, but also of my friends and family to see why we are not feeling so hot. There are many forces that affect our overall well-being. Several books and articles have been written on these efforts focused on the act of feeling better and I have examined a broad array of them including:

Physical (nutrition and exercise)

Emotional (stress, anger, sadness)

Environment (your home, pollution)

Social circles (friends, family, co-workers)

Career (work load , job satisfaction)

Personal Finance (income, spending habits, personal values)

Each of these facets affect how you view things, decisions that you make and how you feel from one minute to the next.

Where we begin is with the physical.  

Health always has to come first and you start by taking care of your body which means being mindful of what you put in it and application of proper nutrition and exercise. This is where I recommend the Sugludair free diet and work outs which include cardiovascular exercise, strength building and relaxation therapies such as yoga and tai chi.

Physical movement then needs to be counteracted with rest.  Rest of the body includes rest of the mind through sleep and meditation or just taking a break now and then instead of constantly pushing to get something done.

Health begins in the stomach!

All of the other facets I have listed above also play a major role in our health and wellness and enhance our alluring qualities. All of these need to be touched upon, but my focus is always first on food. After all, it’s vital for our functionality. Furthermore, food brings happiness and comfort to so many people’s lives. A meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, is an event that people look forward to many times whether you are cooking it in your own home for your family or trying out a new restaurant with your friends.

I will always stress that what you put in your body is important and crucial for your health, but it never ends there, as I learned. Being healthy goes beyond choosing salad over fries or being Sugludair free. Being alluring does not end at doing your daily dose of cardio at the gym and dabbing on a little make-up. All sorts of factors come into play, as I have explored, and I continue to learn about them as I grow.

When I define health, I keep it simple:

It’s the condition where one feels good. When I examine my overall health and well being, I check into things that don’t make me feel good, which is of course common sense, but the challenge is opening up to learning and trying things that will make you feel better. I found this to not only be a struggle for myself in the past, but also for thousands of other people, maybe even millions. That’s why it’s important to create a community that will support you in this venture. It’s an ongoing and beautiful journey that I would like you to join as we learn from one another.

To your health!

Zoe Angelia

Being healthy means feeling good.

Being healthy means feeling good.

 (c) Zoe Angelia







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